CNC Machine Tools – P7ME

September 20th, 2009

Electronic Measuring System for Process Control on Grinders and Machine Tools

Today we talk about the P7ME (hardware and software) and its modularity that allows users to set up the appropriate model for the measuring requirements on any type of machine tool.

Other than that said before, the P7ME has fieldbus, serial connections, an interface to view and control the measurement on the CNC screen giving complete integration with the machine controller.

The Benefits:

  • Real time grinding cycle check without the need for a dedicated unit. Avoids production of reject parts and ensures high quality levels;
  • Increased machine efficiency (improved operating time relative to down time);
  • Automatic compensation for wear on the grinding wheel or other tools;
  • Automatic machine and/or process deviation check;
  • Measurement insensitive to environmental conditions (coolant pressure and temperature) and to electromagnetic interference generated by machine power devices.

The Applications:

  • Check of external and internal diameters and lengths during grinding cycle;
  • Positioning of surfaces to be machined (shoulders, eccentricity, excess material, etc.);
  • Check of surfaces and thicknesses during and after grinding;
  • Check of bars and other cylindrical parts during centerless grinding;
  • Post process control on cutting machines with automatic tool wear compensation.

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